Where Am I In Business Today?

$500.00 Cash Prize

“For The Owner’s Best Small Business Story”

American Standard Businesses© llc. “International Educational Q&A Game” 

Called BIZ O’NOMICS©™ 

Our initial intention was to allow only “Q&A Educational Game Purchasers” to enter into our yearly “Tell your Own Business Story Contest”. But management has made an exception to the rule, and is now offering to all non-purchasers of the board game an opportunity to enter the contest with no financial obligation, and no financial purchase. Should you express an interest in the contest with no purchase, and/or no obligation, please go to the contest rules in the menu box. Please review, and read all the pages before submitting “Tell your Own Business Story Contest”. Business owners have many, and interesting stories, either from the past, or some other period in their business life. Why not share your profitable experience with other business owners. Thank You for entering.